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    More Interviews. Faster Placement. Better Offers.
    Our award-winning Get Hired Boot Camp offers you
    10 power-packed sessions to help you get hired FAST!

    We have worked with some of the top business leaders in the industry to develop an all-in-one training program that was designed to teach you – no matter your experience, education or prior skills – how to land your dream job, guaranteed.

    In this hard market where there is such brutal competition for so few good jobs, imagine how fantastic it is going to feel when you see employers fighting for YOU.

    Here's What's Included
    Get Hired Boot Camp and it's instructors have been featured on:
    • "My resume won't be going in the throwaway pile anymore. I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking for a professional job."

      Peggy Kuster
    • "What I really liked about GHBC was that they discussed where we are today, what’s going on, what’s a new model for interacting and how you make a distinction for yourself. "

      Arthur Feather
    • "What I liked about the Get Hired Bootcamp was the quality of the speakers. John hosted it very professionally and the sessions ran almost flawlessly."

      Julia Rothschild
    • "The sessions contained information that helped me get "unstuck" and energized me to start using new job search strategies and old ones that I hadn't been using effectively."

      Michael Coyle
    • "The Get Hired Bootcamp Training Program explained different aspects of networking that I didn’t know before. The presenters were high quality and gave good advice."

      Veronica Volk
    • "I got lots of insight into what recruiters were really looking for. Now I also have lots of great material and sources to draw from. I’ve recommended the training already."

      Gary Fejes
    • "In the past whenever I was in the spotlight and someone asked me to tell them about myself, I would just stammer and lose it. Now I know what exactly to say."

      Beth Kagel
    • " I want to say that the Resume Writing Session and the one on building your social network were fabulous! My resume is getting a much better response already."

      Kate Carr