Can You Help a Friend Find Employment?

Finding a job can be frustrating and difficult and we all need some assistance at times while looking for that next position. It is possible to help a friend find employment – without saying or doing the wrong thing.

 Don’t Volunteer Career Advice

People who are looking for a job are always getting advice about how to find a job from many well-meaning people; it can be trying. Your friend may not want to hear that from you so don’t give career advice unless your friend asks you specifically for it.

Don’t Pester for Updates

Don’t ask your friend for frequent job search updates. She will let you know if there are changes in her job status; asking her questions about job interviews, call-backs, or applications sent will only strain your relationship.

Help with Connections

While you should not ask too many questions, you can offer help with your friend’s job search. If you have connections that might be of use, pass them on. Spreading the word about your friend’s resume can be very helpful. Making introductions to those contacts can also increase your friend’s opportunities to find employment.

Be a Wing-Man at Networking Events

Going to a networking event alone can be hard and intimidating. However, if you have a friend or colleague that can have your back at these events, it may be easier to put yourself out there and meet people. Go to some of these events with your friend so you can provide support; however, remember to get out of the way when she strikes up conversations. You don’t want to be a distraction.

Participate in Other Activities with Your Friend

Since job searches can be long and tedious, a break could be welcomed. Find an opportunity to spend time together that has nothing to do with looking for a job. Go to dinner or a movie and don’t discuss the job search or interviews during the outing. Your friend will appreciate the time away from the stress of the hunt and enjoy spending time with her friend.

Be Patient

Recognize that the job search may take a long time so don’t constantly remind her that she has been searching for a long time. Be supportive and nonjudgmental; your friend will appreciate it.


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