Get Hired Boot Camp 10-Session Training Program

Here are the facts: You need a job and you need it NOW. You want it to pay well and you want to get the perks and benefits you deserve.

Do your job search the wrong way and you’re just wasting your time. Learn the “right” way and you’ll get a job offer so fast it’ll make your head spin.
Our award-winning Get Hired Boot Camp offers you 10 power-packed sessions that are *guaranteed* to help you beat the competition and get hired FAST! Each session is designed to give you the strategic, real-world techniques you must use if you want to get hired. Period.

  • Discover how to plan your job search strategy for maximum success…
  • Learn powerful networking skills so you can tap into the “hidden” job market…
  • Find out how to master interviewing skills, whether you’re employed, unemployed, or under-employed…
  • Learn how to overcome the obstacles on your resume (unemployment, spotty job history, career movement, underemployment, etc.)…
  • Find out how to gain more confidence and come acrossstronger and more assured in your next interview…
  • Learn the best strategies for negotiating your next employment offer.
  • Discover how to effectively use Social Media in your job search…
  • And, so much more…

What’s Included:

Your Get Hired Boot Camp course is offered in ten convenient sessions. Each session comes in video, audio, and word-for-word transcripts and contains special extras to help you make the most of your learning experience.

Session 1: Social Media Tools and Your Job Search

Session 1

Social Media Tools and Your Job Search

You will learn strategies and tactics to help you take advantage of
various social tools and how to develop a long-term strategy while looking for short-term results.

Featured highlights include:

  • How to create an optimized business-oriented profile
  • Showcase your experience and expertise in a compelling, professional manner
  • How to to expand your business network
  • How to use your public Linkedin profile as a virtual business card
  • We’ll talk about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Yahoo Groups

Session 2: Introducing and Presenting Yourself Effectively

Session 2

Introducing and Presenting Yourself Effectively

Business today moves fast. And it's unforgiving. When you have an opportunity to meet someone or present yourself for the first time, you create such a lasting impression that good or bad, it is difficult and maybe impossible to change.

This presentation takes you beyond the prepared and stilled 30-seconds elevator pitch and helps you answer the perpetual networking and interview question "Tell me about yourself" with professional polish and pizzazz. While many people are advising job seekers to create their "personal brand", this approach gives you the formula behind creating the impact full professional identity you want others to recognize.

Featured highlights include:

  • How to introduce and present yourself effectively for networking and interviews
  • How to answer the questions “Tell Me About Yourself” articulately and engagingly.
  • How to create a good lasting impression.
  • How to answer with polish and pizzazz.
  • Set the stage for more in-depth, meaningful discussion.

Session 3: Job Search Targeting 101

Session 3

Job Search Targeting 101

Job seekers: Do you feel that your job search has come to a screeching halt? Are you spending far too much time waiting for your ideal position to open? Are you chasing down job openings? Do you wish you could learn a strategy to ignite your job search and stop wasting your precious time online?

Featured highlights include:

  • The importance of being “proactive” in your job search campaign!
  • How to STOP chasing down job openings and GET on  a course for success.
  • What a “job-target” is and how to get one!
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to develop your own list
  • Why “insiders” get hired, and how to become one!

Session 4: Your Resume

Session 4

Your Resume

Creating the Best Representation of You

Are you launching a job search, but still keep struggling to develop your professional resume? Are you unsure about how to effectively position your career background and overcome any employment challenges? Are you confused about whether you should be marketing a one-page or two-page resume? In this informative webinar, we will take you through easy-to-use, practical strategies on how to transform your existing resume into an interview-generating, value-driven career marketing document.

Featured highlights include:

  • The foundation of the resume – Your Personal Brand (and an exercise to help uncover your brand)
  • Tips on how to overcome the obstacles on your resume
  • What’s the right layout for you? Functional? Traditional? Networking? All the resume “types” are covered
  • The “10 Second Screen”
  • Resume Templates provided

Session 5: You've got the interview, now what?

Session 5

You've got the interview, now what?

Proven Interview Secrets that have helped thousands get the Career they wanted. Many of you may relate to one of these scenarios: you are Employable but not Employed... you know you've been perfect for the jobs you've applied for but never heard from them... you may have heard back from them, but after either a short email exchange or a short phone interview, you don't hear back again... or, you have been several interviews and when it comes down to the 9th hour, for some reason, you are passed over.

We will show you Tips, Strategies & Secrets to assure you can pull off a Winning Interview!

Featured highlights include:

  • Simple & Fun Exercises To Project A Positive State Of Mind
  • Presenting Your Strengths So You Stand Out
  • The Secret Sauce That Wows Them Every Time
  • Tough Interview Questions & Simple Steps To Answer Them

Session 6: Using the Phone to Land that Next Great Job

Session 6

Using the Phone to Land that Next Great Job

What can strike terror into the heart of a job seeker? What can crush self-confidence, destroy self-esteem and leave even the most seasoned quivering with humiliation and defeat? Telephone Terror. The telephone is the most vital tool in your research for that next great job. Every job search ultimately involves speaking with potential employers over the telephone, yet for most, that reality is met with sickening dead.

Featured highlights include:

  • Overcoming call reluctance and Telephone Terror
  • What to say in the first 20 seconds of you call
  • Words to use and words to avoid
  • Overcoming any and all objections
  • When and How to follow-up

Session 7: How to Negotiate Your Next Employment Offer

Session 7

How to Negotiate Your Next Employment Offer

If you are a management professional who is "in transition", temporarily between jobs or perhaps anticipating your next career move, it is absolutely essential that you learn to strategist the employment offer process. Understanding how a potential employer prepares to make an offer gives toy and edge during the interview process. Knowing where to push, and where to hold your tongue can substantially improve your your ability to negotiate a better deal. We will take a behind-the-scenes look at the employment offer, from the company's perspective. We will help you navigate the dos and don'ts of the negotiating process. We will help you prepare.

Featured highlights include:

  • The role of the recruiter; friend or foe?
  • How an employment offer is prepared
  • The components of the offer package
  • What is negotiable; what is not
  • How to prepare yourself for the negotiation process

Session 8: Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

Session 8

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

You will learn strategies and tactics to help you take advantage of LinkedIn in your job search.

Featured highlights include:

  • How to use LinkedIn to become recognized as market leader and subject matter expert in your field
  • Effectively using groups to build a growing database of thousands of professionals in your industry
  • How to deliver relevant, engaging content to your network
  • How to effectively use the “Ask A Question” section to your network and the LinkedIn community of over 50 million members

Session 9: Networking Skills to Get You Into the Hidden Job Market

Session 9

Networking Skills to Get You Into the Hidden Job Market

You've heard it everywhere - the vast majority of available jobs are in the "hidden" job market. With the techniques you'll hear, you'll see the hidden job market really isn't all that hidden anymore. We will discuss the networking strategies that will get you access into this huge pool of available jobs.

Featured highlights include:

  • How to network in a way that works for you – no matter what you style.
  • The two essentials to tale to every networking event – and neither one is your resume.
  • A simple change to make in how you ask for referrals that will dramatically increase you success rate.
  • The one question you must ask if you want to be remembered.

Session 10: Market You Potential, Not Your Past

Session 10

Market You Potential, Not Your Past

In this session you'll learn how to build and maintain a top-level career that works for you, regardless of what happens to you.

To get the extraordinary results you desire, you need an extraordinary approach that is designed exclusively for landing a top role. And you need a course of action that is a cut-above the norm and proven to win! In this 60-minute presentation, you'll learn how to get ahead of the game and keep your career growing, dynamic and strong.

Featured highlights include:

  • Apply simple but effectively career coaching tools for goal realization.
  • Clarify your career goals and design actions to achieve them.
  • To stay inspired and use your strengths and resources to move forward.
  • Getting your subconscious to help you achieve you career goals.


If you want no-nonsense training on how to land your dream job, mastering the interview and gaining more confidence, plus essential job search networking skills and how to effectively implement social media into your job search … you don’t want to miss Get Hired Boot Camp.

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