Find a Career: Best Creative Jobs in 2014

If you are interested in finding a job in the creative services sector, you may be in luck this year. There are some interesting opportunities if you want to find a career in this arena. Here are some creative positions that might interest you if you are looking for a job.



Architects design and plan buildings of all types. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this job will grow by 24% over the next few years. The population in warmer states continues to grow as those people need housing and work buildings. There will also be growth in being able to create buildings that are “green”; architects will also need to be able to adapt current buildings as well. The average salary for an architect is $72,550.

Public Relations Specialist


Public relations specialists work to improve the public image of a company or organization. The BLS expects this position to grow by 23% by 2020. Organizations are becoming more interested in public relations and community outreach. With the rise of the Internet, opinions about companies can spread quickly and public relations specialists must be able to react to those changes quickly. Many of these specialists will be involved in social media as well. The average salary for one of these specialists is $57,550.

Art Director


Art directors are responsible for the visual style of movies, magazines, and other products; they also supervise other people who create the layouts. The BLS expects this position to demonstrate little increase in employment—growth of 9% — up through 2020. While traditional print opportunities may decrease in the coming years, other types of media – either electronic-based or Internet-based properties – will offer numerous opportunities for art directors to display their vision. The median annual pay for this position is $80,630.

Game Design


Game designers work to create games for other people to play. You could focus on different parts of game design like planning, designing character, or actual programming. You would get to set the game rules and creating an atmosphere for the game participants. Jobs in this area are expected to grow by up to 30%, which means there may be many opportunities in the industry. Salaries in this industry vary by the average salary is $60,000.


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