Job Search Advice for Using Twitter in Your Hunt

Social media can help you keep up with your friends and family and the latest events. Social media gone awry can help you lose a job. An important piece of job search adviceto help you avoid this fate is to make sure that you use Twitter appropriately when looking for a new job.

Show Your Value

It can be difficult to say anything of importance in 140 characters or less; however, during your job search, you need to participate in the Twitter conversation. Offer comments and links to other content that is related to the conversation at hand. Show that you can contribute valuable content to the discussion and others will take notice.

Create a Brand

Today building your brand is one of the top things you can do to help in your job search. You want to become known as a subject matter expert in your field. This requires that you demonstrate knowledge about the field as well as interest. Be careful though not to oversell yourself – your brand should be truthful to who you are.

Tweet Your Interest

If you play your cards correctly, a company of interest can find out about your interest in a position though Twitter. If there is news about a potential employer, pass it along to other people – as long as it’s positive information. The company will see that someone is tweeting and re-tweeting good news about them and may start asking around about you! If you are already in the process of applying, this might move your application forward.

Stay out of Trouble

Twitter has been such an amazing tool for good in many ways; however, a number of people have brought on their downfall through injudicious use of Twitter. You can’t say just anything and everything that may pop up in your mind – once a Tweet is out there, it is impossible to completely take back. Avoid criticizing your boss, company, or clients on Twitter as well; it comes off as unprofessional.


Twitter can be an important part of your social media job hunt. For more informationabout finding a job, you can sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today