Job Search Advice: How to Search In-House

It is not uncommon for an employee to look inside his/her current company to find a new position. But it is important to manage your in-house search so that you don’t alienate your current boss and don’t create a bad impression. Here is some job search advice to help you keep your in-house search from costing you everything.

Don’t Talk Badly about Your Current Boss

This seems like a no-brainer but many people allow themselves to be drawn into a negative conversation about the person that they work under. You are still working at your current position and since the new position is within the company, it stands to reason that your hiring manager and old boss will make contact. This can go badly; your new potential boss thinks that you are negative and your current boss just gets angry. Keep the talk about your current position under control.

Dress for the Job You Want

Even though you may have been working in a department at your company that is very casual, you need to find out what the dress code for the new position is. The goal is to look like you belong.

Update Your Resume

If you have been working at a job for several years, it is possible that you may not have updated your resume recently. You can’t assume that your new hiring manager knows all about your job history and achievements; have a copy (or two) of your newest resume available.

Complete Any Necessary Paperwork

Some companies require that you fill out paperwork if you want to start working in at a new position. If your job requires that level of documentation, make sure that you fill out the paperwork completely – and legibly.

Treat the Interview like Any Other

You should treat this interview like any of the other interviews that you may have. Confirm the interview time on the day prior to the actual interview. You also need to send out a thank you note or an email; you can use this to reiterate your interest in the position.


Looking for a job in-house can be challenging and may require a bit of finesse. For more information about your job hunt, you can sign up for our GetHiredBootCamp.comtoday